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  • Tutorial N°4: Connect Meshlium IoT Gateway to Labeeb IoT
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The purpose of this tutorial is to easily integrate your Meshlium IoT gateway to Labeeb IoT in a click.

Before starting



  • We assume you have already been granted an account on Labeeb IoT platform
  • We assume your IoT gateway will be connected to the Internet


Step by step Guide

Get your Libelium-Labeeb IoT Development Kit from here:

This kit is the best option for those that want to program a solution on top of the Labeeb IoT platform and test it with real sensors. Includes nodes for Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture applications. The data is sent to the Internet by the GW using Ethernet and 4G radios.

To register Meshlium in Labeeb IoT Platform, first you have to create Labeeb IoT account:

After creating your Labeeb account, you can use your account credentials: Enterprise name, username, password to configure Meshlium.

  1. Start sending data from Waspmote devices until your Waspmote devices appears in Sensor Networks panel; those devices will be automatically created in Labeeb IoT platform during configuration process.
  2. Add any user Custom Sensors in Sensor List panel, since those sensors will be created  during configuration process in addition to the Standard Sensors list:

  1. Start by locating the Labeeb IoT plugin:
  2. Set your account details:

    •    Hosting Server: In which server your labeeb account is hosted, (default : MEA)

    •    Enterprise Name: enterprise name used to create labeeb account.

    •    Username: of your Labeeb account.

    •    Password: of your Labeeb account.

    •    Log level: used for debugging level, errors, reports, etc.

    •    Max number of records: The maximum number of records to be synchronizer to Labeeb IoT every some time interval.

    •    Sync frequency(sec): perform synchronization every specific time interval (seconds).

  3. Click on “Save” button for storing the configuration fields, during saving the configuration, devices and sensors will be created in Labeeb IoT platform .

Once configured the connector, the user can launch the Meshlium Labeeb IoT script (Start button). The program will search for the received frames on the local database, and will send them to the Labeeb IoT Platform. The status indicator displays the current state, saying “Running” or “Stopped”.

You can stop the Dummy program anytime clicking on the “Stop” button.

If you added new device later, or created new User Sensor, you can sync them by clicking on the “Sync Config” button, that will create the new devices and sensors in Labeeb IoT Platform.