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  • Tutorial N°5: Labeeb IoT Applications

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In this tutorial we will provide you with a step by step guide to use Labeeb IoT Applications to track the CPU usage (in Ubuntu OS). 


Before starting


  • 2 Linux  machines , we will use Ubuntu( 1 for sending and the other to receive ). 
  • MQTT Client.

  • STRESS Linux library.

Installing requirements : 

  • MQTT can be installed on any Debian or Ubuntu based Linux operating systems using the following command:

    Code Block
    titleMQTT client install
    apt-get install mosquitto-clients

  • STRESS Linux library.

    Code Block
    titleCPU Stress library
    apt-get install stress


  • We assume you have already been granted an account on Labeeb IoT platform, if not , click here to get your account, or visit this page to get help. 
  • We assume your created a device with the following specifications  : 
    • Data types: cpu_level (Integer) , cpu_control (Text).
    • Data model: cpu
    • Device Template: os.
    • Device Name :  ubuntu_cpu

          If you need some help creating the device please visit this page.


Step by step Guide

titleStep 1: Create new Application

1) Login to Labeeb IoT platform and from the left menu select Settings>>Applications.

2) Create new Application , name "it cpu_app" with the following Access Control List (ACL) :

3) Chose a password for the new Application and click save.